Big Government Destroying the Family Institution

By Lawrence Lease on January 12, 2018

When I discuss politics, there are two main themes I usually focus on. First, the destruction of the family and relationships. Second, the destruction of culture, whether it be America’s push for multiculturalism or the European Union imposing fines on countries who refuse to take on migrants. I usually tend to talk about whether this is a good or a bad thing.

By: Pixabay

What I don’t usually address, is why would governments or big government ideologues on the left want to destroy the family institution? Why would they want communities to be less homogeneous, and why would they want individual nations to not have their own unique identities? What motive could they possibly have for doing these horribly destructive things is a question I have spent a lot of time pondering.

Consider for a second, where do you go to in your time of need? When you’re most desperate, who do you look to? I personally go to my family, they offer me a shoulder to cry on and a place to stay. I go to my community, I ask them for support, maybe a job or even a cup of sugar. I go to them for help and I return the favor if they need it. Even those who usually reject religion, when all else is gone and stripped away, we tend to look to God and pray.

Many who are homeless or desperate go to the church which offers them outreach. These are pillars of our lives. They give people guidance, a sense of comfort and a sense of safety. Not picture a world where progressive politics has taken over. The nuclear family has been broken, people are disconnected from their mothers and fathers. Some have no intention of getting married or being monogamous. For that matter, most Millennials are now single professionals living in high-rises at 38 years old with no wife and kids. The neighbors are migrants who don’t talk much and don’t even speak the same language. Imagine, the local church no longer offers support and is replaced by some corrupted government office. Now the only thing close to a unique identity an individual has comes down to what gender they decide to be that day.

But hey, at least there’s Netflix, the opiate of the masses. So if things get tough, where are you going to go if there’s an earthquake a hurricane of food shortage or even just an emotional crisis. You’ve been ostracized from your family, you can’t possibly go there. Hell, you probably don’t even know who your father is. Your neighbor doesn’t even speak the same language. The church won’t work, you spent your school time learning how it’s all bigoted nonsense.

Like many of your peers, no one really attends or donates anymore, so you’re stranded without your culture, community, church or even your family. The only thing left you can rely on is the state. The state will build you housing. They will give you a meal to eat and a job. With the rise in terrorism, all the garbage cans are gone so you can pick up trash for the state.

What about a shoulder to cry on? Well, next election liberals can run on a platform of hiring more state counselors and expanding the Mental Health Bureau. You’ll be okay because of this state. They want to be the most integral thing in your life. Who needs welfare offices when people’s families are together and the community will pitch in to help. Who needs an expanding state when you have a close-knit community pitching in to voluntarily help expand that society.

Wonder why the European Union hates Poland, Britain and the Slavic nations who sing their anthems with pride? It’s because national identity leads to nations and unique groups of people wanting their own unique future. They want to allocate resources to those they know will return the favor.

There’s a reason Angela Merkel throws away the German flag when she’s handed it. They can’t all hold hands and go down the same path under one European government. They all have different ideas about how to live or how to independently rule themselves, or what language they should speak. They also all differ on what values they should have. You can be or have whatever skin color, hair color or gender you want, but you can’t have any culture or community to rely on if you’re a slave to the state. This is why Sweden says they trust state more than family. They say that because they want it to be true. Power always wants to expand.

I truly hope people will realize sooner than later that the warm comfort of loving family members cannot be replaced by government and that blind loyalty in the state cannot give oneself purpose or meaning.

Born and raised in Wasilla, Alaska. I am citizen journalist and looking to find a official paying journalism job somewhere in the country. I enjoy watching TV, reading books and traveling.

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